Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack card set

Dear fellow KBO card enthusiasts,

Later this month, I am planning on ordering a custom-made (in English) 46 card KBO foreigner set which includes all 41 foreigners who appeared during the 2016 KBO season, plus 4 mvp cards and a checklist card. There will be 20 sets printed. They will first be available to those I know personally, the rest will be first come first serve. I will update a list at the bottom of this post.

Each set, which I will place in a 50 card clear plastic box, will run $23 (paypal gift) shipped to your US address. Overseas may cost about $30 and take a little longer. This per set price, if all sets are sold from the order, will make up the cost I am paying for printing/shipping.

A 2017 set is in the works.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, please reply with your name and mailing address. If you are in Korea, a bank transfer is acceptable later. Assuming everything goes smoothly with this order, I will email you later with my Paypal address/NH bank account.

Here are the three types of cards:

Base card:

MVP card:




Reservation List
1. DS
2. TS
3. JP
4. DM
5. JS
6. JB
7. GS
8. RS
9. JM
10. RP
11. PB

Thursday, June 29, 2017

2000 Lotte Giants Phone Cards / 2000년 롯데 자이언츠 전화 카드들

I acquired seven of these cards in a lot on an eBay auction months ago that Dave or Jason told me about. I then found an older Korean gentleman here in Korea who sold me the three I was missing.

I identified some of these players by their uniforms and some by their 1999/2000 Teleca cards, since those cards listed jersey numbers. Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환) #75 was not in either set but I posted this card on a Korean café blog and others chimed in to as who he was. I checked Naver and found that he wore #16 with Hanwha after his time with Lotte. It appears his Giants teammate, Jung-Tae Park (정태박) #16, made him wait longer to change the number.

Since these are phone cards, there are no card numbers but I will be adding a checklist to TCDB soon using the jersey numbers. The cards have facsimile autos. I believe there are only 10 cards in all in this phone card "set" so I will display them all here, plus a back. Please let me know if I am missing any, or a lot, of cards for this release.

#0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)

#3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)

#12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)

#16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)

#17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)

#27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)

#28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)

#30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)

#49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)

#75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)

Back (뒤)

0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)
3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)
12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)
16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)
17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)
27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)
28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)
30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)
49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)
75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1998 Pro Baseball Stickers / 1998 프로 야구 스티커스

This post has been a long time coming because I picked up these stickers months ago. For those of you may not know, foreigners were first accepted into the league in 1998, so this may very well be the first appearance of them on any Korean sets. I do not know of any card sets in 1998, so the first actual foreigner cards appear in the 1999 Teleca set.

These are mini stickers that measure 6cm (2.36") on the long side. This complete set list is numbered to 289 but because some player stickers are paired with the same number, the set is actually 304 stickers. I uploaded the set, checklist and stickers (I have) to here.

Each team has about 32 players, including any paired players. There are also five different symbols on some of the stickers. I am not positive what they mean but I can fathom some guesses. Those guesses are under each sticker image below.

I believe I'm missing some star players who may be on some of these variations. I will update this list as necessary.

Base stickers - These make up the majority of the set. The player image, name (in Korean) and team logo
are represented.

Backs - Each back has a baseball term in Korean, such as hook-sliding and double header, and all look the same.
Because the shiny stickers are made of a foil, the backs are darker and the sticker stiffer.

Shiny stickers - I believe these might represent the best player on the team. Because of the foil material used to
make this sticker, the backs are generally darker and stiffer. These stickers are not paired players and are one
per team, so there should be eight in total.

Dae-Jin Lee
Byung-Kyu Lee
Jae-Hong Park
Hyung-Gwang Joo
Haitai Tigers
LG Twins
Hyundai Unicorns
Lotte Giants

Gold Stars - Like the shiny, I think these also represent stars on the team but these are paired stickers,
with the exception of #289.

Soo-Keun Jung
Min-Ho Kim
Soong-Yong Lee
Kwang-Lim Kim
Ji-Chul Park
OB Bears
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hyundai Unicorns
Lotte Giants

Green Baseball - I believe these are for the best pitchers

Jung-Soo Kim
Kang-Chul Lee
Joong-Sik Park
Sang-Yeop Kim
Myung-Hwan Park
Sang-Jin Kim
Woong-Chun Cho
Min-Tae Chung
Haitai Tigers
Haitai Tigers
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
OB Bears
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hyundai Unicorns

Yellow Bat - I believe these are for the best hitters

Ho-Sung Lee
Hoon-Jae Choi
Jae-Hyun Kim
Jae-Hak Sim
Joon-Hyuk Yang
Dong-Joo Shin
Dae-Ik Kim
Eung-Kuk Kim
Haitai Tigers
Haitai Tigers
LG Twins
LG Twins
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
Lotte Giants
Lotte Giants

Blue Glove - I believe these are for the best defensive players.

Ji-Hyun Yoo
Myung-Suk Cha
Won-Hyung Kim
Sung-Bo Shim
LG Twins
LG Twins
Ssangbangwool Raiders
Ssangbangwool Raiders

Foreigners - There are a total of 10 foreigners in this set:

Mike J. Anderson
Scott Baker
Jose Parra
Tyrone Woods
LG Twins (coach)
LG Twins
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
OB Bears
Edgar Caceres
Scott Coolbaugh
Joel Chimelis
Mike Busch
Doug Brady
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hanwha Eagles
Hanwha Eagles
Lotte Giants

Monday, May 1, 2017

2005 Hanwha Team Set / 2005년 한화 팀 세트

Although it is not complete, I was able to pick up this mostly complete 2005 Hanwha Eagles set. What's interesting about this set is that the names on the back are spelled in English but also have Chinese below the English names. I have yet to add this set to the Trading Card Database. I also noticed an error. All the player cards list 2005 as the year but the mascot/checklist card says 2005 on the ball in the upper right but at the bottom in the title of the set it shows 2000. The checklist seems to match the player cards for the 2005 roster so I will go with that.

I picked this up on a Korean blog café where Koreans buy, sell and show off what they have. I paid ~$20 and have some doubles even though the set isn't complete. Unfortunately I'm missing the fan favorite and KBO star Kim Tae-Kyun. The seller mentioned this was a commemorative set with the team's practicing in Japan. There is a checklist card with the Eagles mascot on the front and some unnumbered cards which have veterans and rookie cards.

Kwon Yung-keun (권영근) - base numbered card

Checklist with mascot

김인철 (Kim In-Chul) - unnumbered veteran

Yang Hoon (양훈) - unnumbered rookie

Friday, April 28, 2017

KuboTen package received!

I made multiple purchases on KuboTen the last few weeks and had them shipped together. They arrived yesterday (super fast too, 2 days?) and here are the pictures.

All together I think I bought 93 cards and about 58 are different.. all Lee Seung-yeop (이승엽 / 李承燁) cards. My plan is to submit these to PSA for a Master Set Registry. BBM, Calbee, Konami, and Yomiuri Giants. I don't believe I have any Owners League in this shipment. When I saw the large envelope I wondered what was inside. I didn't realize the folder was a folder, I thought it was a card so I was a little bummed but it's a cool piece to have.

Ryan, over at This Card Is Cool, is helping me acquire more Lee Seung-yeop cards, and I, helping him with Korean cards.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lee Seung-yeop statue

I've been putting this off for some time but I finally purchased the Lee Seung-yeop statue that's been for sale for maybe two years now. I paid W59,000 won (~$54), a bit pricey, but that's what it costs. Initially I thought it was a bobblehead so I was surprised to realize it wasn't when I opened the box. It comes with a detachable stand. The likeness is one of the best I've seen in any statue/bobblehead. It's beautiful and well-detailed.