Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lee Seung-yeop statue

I've been putting this off for some time but I finally purchased the Lee Seung-yeop statue that's been for sale for maybe two years now. I paid W59,000 won (~$54), a bit pricey, but that's what it costs. Initially I thought it was a bobblehead so I was surprised to realize it wasn't when I opened the box. It comes with a detachable stand. The likeness is one of the best I've seen in any statue/bobblehead. It's beautiful and well-detailed.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Added Lee Seung-Yeop cards

I've scanned and uploaded new Lee acquisitions to the Lee Seung-Yeop page. I am in the process of adding more cards to the PC using Buyee, KubeTEN and Noppin.

2004 BBM Marines Soul of Marines #SM13
2004 Calbee Newcomer #098
2004 Calbee Opening Game #OP-2
2005 Calbee #100
2005 Konami Baseball Heroes #B05W159
2005 Konami Baseball Heroes #B05S044
2005 Konami Baseball Heroes 2 #B06S044
2006 Calbee Top Player #TP20
2006 Konami Baseball Heroes 2 #B06S044
2007 Calbee #196
2007 Calbee Opening Game #0P-2
2008 Yomiuri Giants Players Day
2009 BBM 1st Version #238
2009 Yomiuri Giants Players Day
2010 Owner's League #008 Black
2010 Owner's League #008 White
2011 Owner's League #055 Black
2016 SMG Ntreev Baseball's Best Players - Forever Ace Gold Kira #SA002
2016-17 SMG Ntreev Super Star Black Edition #001-SS

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nicaraguan (Correos '95) 1995 Korean Baseball Championship stamp set

I bought these on ebay last year for about $35USD and they appear readily available. These would look cleaner but my scanner needs to be replaced.

These were released by Correos of Nicaragua in 1995. All eight teams of the KBO in '95 make up this stamp set with 9 stamps per team (8 players, 1 mascot). For each team, players make up the outside border and the mascot is in the middle. The players name is in full Korean as well as the family name and first two initials in English. At the time of this post I have forgotten to scan the back. I will include one later. On the bottom of the sheet it says in Korean, Korea Pro Baseball (한국프로야구). The photos are of games played in Korea, during the season I'd assume.

I may consider breaking up a team set to get a player graded by PSA (maybe Jong-Beom Lee, Min-Tae Chung or Ki-Tae Kim). I have a Mattingly Grenada stamp graded so hopefully they will grade these as well. I will even see if I can add this to TCDB but I have a feeling it's not allowed since these are stamps. I added the checklist for this stamp set to TCDB located here. It is listed under Oddball (as is the Grenada), not Korean League.

Haitai Tigers
해태 타이그즈

Dong-Yeol Sun
Jong-Beom Lee
Jung-Soo Kim
Sung-Han Kim
Kang-Chul Lee
Gae-Hyun Cho
Sang-Hoon Kim
Soon-Chul Lee

Hanwha Eagles
한화 이글스

Jong-Hoon Jang
Yong-Duk Han
Kang-Don Lee
Ji-Sang Park
Min-Chul Jeong
Jin-Woo Song
Jung-Gil Kang
Dae-Sung Koo

LG Twins
LG 트윈스

Dae-Hwan Han
Yong-Su Kim
Ji-Hyun Yoo
Yong-Bin Seo
Jong-Ho Park
Sang-Hoon Lee
Dong-Soo Kim
Jae-Hyun Kim

Lotte Giants
롯데 자이언츠

Hak-Gil Yoon
Dong-Hee Park
Hyung-Kwang Joo
Eung-Kook Kim
Jung-Tae Park
Pil-Sung Kong
Jong-Suk Yeom
Min-Ho Kim

OB Bears
OB 베어스

Myung-Soo Lee
Chul-Soon Park
Hyung-Suk Lim
Kyung-Won Kim
Jong-Suk Kim
Tae-Hyung Kim
Hyung-Suk Kim
Sang-Jin Kim

Pacific Dolphins
태평양 돌핀스

Kyung-Won Jung
Kyung-Ki Kim
Hong-Jib Kim
Min-Tae Chung
Byung-Won An
Duk-Gyu Yoon
Sang-Duk Choi
Dong-Ki Kim

Samsung Lions
삼성 라이온즈

Jung-Il Ryu
Sang-Yeop Kim
Sung-Rae Kim
Bong-Chul Dong
Ki-Woong Kang
Choong-Sik Park
Joon-Hyuk Yang
Tae-Han Kim

Ssangbangwool Raiders
쌍방울 레이더스

No-Joon Park
Kyu-Jae Cho
Ki-Tae Kim
Won-Hyung Kim
In-Ho Baik
Sung-Ki Park
Kwang-Lim Kim
Jin-Suk Park

Monday, March 6, 2017

Noppin Japanese Card Order

I just received my first order of Japanese cards from Noppin (dba Crescent Trading), a Japanese "middle man" company who places your bids and ships to you. I think you would need a Japanese Yahoo! Auction account which I don't think non-Japanese can get, otherwise I would attempt this myself.

When using this site, and others like KuboTEN, who I am awaiting an order from, they charge you 1000JPY (~$10) per seller you buy from. So if you want seven cards from seven different sellers, you are paying $70 off the bat. The good things is that they will hold all your packages and ship them all at once so you can save on shipping. These sites require you to deposit money ahead of time to bid on items, similar to COMC, and I use PayPal. Since they are in Japan, they charge you JPY (Japanese Yen) which is less than the U.S. dollar at the moment so I make a little more on the exchange; unlike my more important monthly exchange from Korean Won to US dollars.

I decided to take photos of the packaging received from Noppin. I ordered 17 different Seung-Yeop Lee (이승엽) cards from different sellers. Keep in mind, you have to go by the pictures unless you can read Japanese, which I can not, though I use bad Google translator for assistance. The auction sites also use the translator so you don't have to cut and paste everything to a translator, but it may not always give you what you need. I decided to pay the $14 to ship via EMS instead of Air Mail.

In this order, I received two Yomiuri Playing Day cards of Lee with the Giants which are packaged inside a Giants postcard, some Calbee, BBM and Konami. I did read on one of the auctions that it said the card was dirty, but it was cheap so I bought it anyway. Upon closer inspection, the holographic card has surface smudges that can't be removed so I probably won't submit it to PSA but will look for a new copy.

2000 Lotte Giants Phone Cards

With the help of Dave over at Japanese Baseball Cards, who also collects Korean cards, he pointed me in the direction to pick up my first phone cards. I just started looking at these closely and will try to find out which company released these. I'm leaning towards calling these "Seoul International Phone Call" because it's in bold on the back with a logo. These are super unique and I'm very happy to have these now. I appreciate Dave giving me a heads up.

I'm not sure when these were released, if these only came in Lotte Giants players, or how many there are. There are no names listed on the cards, only the player photo and a facsimile auto. The expiration date for these cards was 4/30/2000 so I wouldn't be surprised if these were released in 1999. I used my 1999 and 2000 Teleca set uploads at Trading Card Database to identify the players.

#12 Sung-Woo Kang

#3 Dae-Ik Kim

#28 Hyung-Kwang Joo

#27 Ki-Moon Choi

#75 Dong-Hwan Moon

#0 Pil-Sung Kong

#17 Weung-Kook Kim

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Baseball's Best Players box breaks

I bought a box of each Baseball Best Players and tried to hit some of the inserts I needed to complete the sets.

2015 SMG Ntreev Baseball's Best Players Hell's Fireball box break

2016 SMG Ntreev Baseball's Best Players Diamond Winners box break

2016 SMG Ntreev Baseball's Best Players Forever Ace box break

Monday, February 27, 2017

Korean referenced U.S. cards: 2013 Bowman & 2013 Bowman Prospects

I think this Bowman design is rather boring but I like the country flag in the background. Another front white border set great for grading but a bore on the eyes. The base back presents us with a gray back. The three Koreans represented between both sets are Shin-Soo Choo (신수추), Hyun-Jin Ryu (현진류) (RC), and Ji-Man Choi (최지만).

Korean referenced U.S. cards: 2002 Leaf League of Nations

I will be sharing US issued sets that have Korean players in them when referencing the country or WBC. This set has 10 total cards, 3 of which are Korean players. Chan-Ho Park (박찬호), Byung-Hyun Kim (김병현), and Sun-Woo Kim (김선우). The set also includes three Japanese, one Netherlands, one Australian, one Canadian and one Cuban.

I like the design of this set. I like how the country flag is in the corner of the card and the "League of Nations" has a raised font which is cool. What's ultra cool is that Leaf actually included both languages for the bio on the back of the card. I can't say I have ever seen that.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

1999 Teleca samples

I love when stuff like this happens. While searching for 1999 Teleca (테레카) singles to buy I also came across these gems and had to buy what I could. I don't know if an entire sample set was released but I found of eleven of them so perhaps we can presume so? Nothing was different on the front of the cards.

What I found interesting was one of the samples had "스포즈서울" (SportsSeoul) on the back of one. So I am unsure if an entire set was released with this stamping.

Friday, February 10, 2017

2016-17 SMG Ntreev Super Star Black Edition

Like the Gold edition before it, the Black edition has some similarities, so let's start with the layout.  The layout of the set remains the same.

001-018 (SS) Superstar
019-063 (AS) All-Star
064-113 (N/GN) Normal/Gold Normal
114-133 (SP) Super Piece
134-143 (SD) Super Dual
144-357 (SA) Super Autograph
358-371 (SC) Super

The card pull order possibilities for packs is as follows:
normal, gold normal, all-star square parallel, base all-star
normal, gold normal, all-star wave parallel, auto
normal, gold normal, all-star wave paralle, superstar
normal, relic

So after reviewing my box break videos, the rare all-star wave paralells will be packed with the autos and superstars.

Normal (N) & Gold Normal (GN)
The similarities start with the normal and gold normal cards, which I feel should have been either changed or not produced again. Do we need to see the same card with a gold frame around it? The difference isn't flashy enough for me to really care. It's more of a chore seeing those cards back to back when you open packs. I also do not care for the new look of these cards. I don't mind the team color coding but the design leaves more to be desired. I pulled 19-20 Normal and Gold Normal from each box.

Normal (N)

Gold Normal (GN)


Superstar (SS)
The superstar cards are same in number and kick off the set at card #001. This is a much different look form the Gold version and I'm always one for changing a look with each set. These SS cards also have different serials. In his last year, Seung-Yeop Lee starts off the set.

Seung-Yeop Lee (#SBCBK-001-SS)


All-Star (AS)
Along with the increased relics and autos, the All-Star cards have a change as well.  This time around the creators have gone back to an oldie.  The base All-Star card is the same as the original from the 2014 Superstar Baseball Card Season One set.

All Star base
All Star Squares parallel
All Star Waves parallel

There are still three variations of All-Star cards. The (1) base, (2) a new, square parallel, and the (3) wave parallel, the last of which was introduced in the Gold edition. The wave parallel is the rarest of the three, whereas the sparkle was the rarest in the Gold edition set. I loved the sparkle parallel and wish they would have used it again. From my three boxes, I pulled 19-20 All-Star parallel cards, always getting two waves and the remainder, squares. Each box also gives 17-18 base All-Star cards.

2014 Season One All Star

2016 Black Edition All Star

Above is a comparison of the background used in the All Stars for the 2014 Superstar Season One and the Black Edition.

Relics/Game Used and Autographs (SD SA SP)
In my three boxes I pulled five hits which were three autos and two relics. Each of my autos were of /10 and relics of /40. In this set, cards #114-#371 are relics or autos.

The single-piece game used jerseys are numbered #114-#133. The duals are numbered #134-#143. I am unsure if all the single-piece relics are serial'd to /40. Don't know the dual-piece serials.

The autographed cards are numbered #144-#357 !! That's 213 autographs! Some teams have as many as 30 guys signing. I believe all autos are serial'd to /10.

My Thoughts on the set
As mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of the GN normal parallel but I do like that the gold frame on this version is a hologram, whereas the Gold Edition GN were gold without any kind of reflection.

I enjoyed the addition of the Square parallels to this set but would have preferred the Sparkles over the Waves for the rare all-stars. I also like the re-use of the original All-Star look from the 2014 set.

This set has even more autos and relics than the Gold. So those who love chasing and/or buying hits, this set is for you.

Because I'm more of a Korean set and Lee Seung-yeop collector, I will be more interested in completing the set (minus relics and autos) and trading those hits for any Lee cards. And being me, I look forward to enjoying the scanning, cropping and uploading of this set to I uploaded this set here.